Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Hope

Being a vampire defiantly had its perks, Travis Pancake decided that some days after the bloodchange. He never really wanted any of it to happen. He just wanted a simple human life. However, that seemed not to be his fate. For days he cursed the vampire, Karen, who changed him. Now he's damned forever. And for some time he cursed Eric, who didn't seem to appreciate the situation at all. There were some differences. He realized he was much stronger and faster. Of course it might have been the same had he been dead, but a small voice in the back of his mind told him to appriciate the second chance he had been given. He tried, but it was hard with Eric's disgruntled look following him around everywhere. Things were definally going to change.
" We have to talk, Eric" Travis said commandingly when the vampire entered his room. It was barely threee weeks after they left the mansion but the situation was still disasterous .
"Yes, my lord," was the only answer he got. Eric didn't say anything for quite a while, taking every action very seriously.The young vampire growled in anger, provoking a smirk on the cold face of his butler.
" I will give you a choice now, Eric. We can continue like that until the end of eternity and you understand how cruel I can be," he said quietly. "Or you can behave like you did before I became a vampire and we can become good friends." Eric's piercing blue eyes narrowed and Travis knew that he had won. If the older vampire was considering his words, then there was only one answer he could give.
"Eternity is awfully long," Eric finally responded. With a small smirk, Travis sat back  in the comfortable armchair, awaiting the question he expected would come. " What is the basis of your partnership?"
Since that day they became better friends, glad to have each others company and even happier that they forgot it was forced company. Still, it was better to have a friend than a slave.
Times changed and they tried about everything. They travelled the world, using the quise of father and son for a way of fooling people. They never had to worry about the aging part because they never stayed in one spot for too long.
" I never thought I'd say it, but eternity can become boring," said Travis one day, absentmindingly playing with a key chain. Eric barely spared him a glance, continuing to type away on the virtual keyboard. Travis moved his attention to messing with the keys. Some people didn't bother giving them up and getting the chip implanted in their finger to open doors. This of course suited the vampires perfectly as neither wanted to insert anything into themselves. They used credit cards and passports which gave them the occassional curious stare. Miniturized cellphones attached to ears and throats were okay, for everyone was used to people talking to nobody in particular. Even  when subvocalizing became "the thing". Both of them excelled in it very fast as it was a perfect way to keep their secrets secret. Computer watches? Ya, they were popular. Silicone tight suits? Just plain torture.
They could easitly blend in with society. Lately it has been easier, with all the deaging surgeries and therapies. They could stay in the same place for years and people would assume they were weathy enough to get surgeries.
" I noticed a certain trend," Eric said , pushing one last key and letting the virtual keyboard disappear back into the wrist watch.
"Oh?" Travis didn't look too interested, still playing with the keys, each of which was holding a nano-chip for a certain door.
" Did you see on the telly?" Travis rolled his eyes. " You know that I don't like it."
"Well you should keep yourself updated with the news," Eric pointed out and Travis knew that he was right.
"Tell me," Eric smiled fondly. " There apparently a new trend in fashion.."
"It's a fuel cell car," he said while clicking through the design sheets. " The newest technology is used, yet disguised by an antique."
" That's certainly interesting, though nothing new. There was a Victorian fashion burst following the first passenger space flights." Travis replied, putting down the keys and focusing on the screen.
"Yes, I assume it has to do with the failure of the Marcian Project."
"Did they say what happened?" They both started getting ready to leave the office-the working day was over.
"Not at all, just some 'we keep it secret' information. Though I personally think they are too isolated from the evil of the world." The vampire said, grinning coldly. Travis rolled his eyes as he put on his victorian styled jacket. " By the way- I got a report from your virtual school."
" I don't need a reminder." Travis said quickly. " I'm getting bored of the father and son act."
" Well at least it is keeping the questions away. You know by heart what they teach in that school."
"Whatever."They left the office of Eric's company. 'Devilish Chocolates'.The slogan hung above the entrance door. 'A Temptation to die for.'
It was not until later in the evening, while in their home, that an emergency broadcast came on the telly.
'Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of the world,' the man stated, obviously reading from a memory chip. 'Our civilization is at the very end of its existance.'
" He certainly doesn't play for time," Travis muttered, not moved by the sudden dramastic proclamation.
'For the last five hundred years, our government has been recieving warning signals from a galaxy approching the Milky Way and have tried everything in their power to stop it.Unsuccessfully.' The images of the galaxies sprang to life behind him, showing the galaxies collision.' It is now a fact that the collision is inevitable and while the exact extent of damage to both galaxies is unpredictable, it is a sure devastation to the entire Solar System that is sure not to survive.' the galaxies continued to connect with a red blinking sign in th upper right hand corner that said "Prediction". Even the two vampires didn't have much to say after that statement. 'According to the calculations, 12th December 3069, next year, will be the last day on Earth.' The image magnified and the unmistakable Earth was now turning on it's axis, spinning uncontrolably.
Chaos ruled the world for 406 days.
-December 12, 3069-
"It's finally here," Travis whispered, wrapped in Eric's arms. Both remained silent as their impending doom fell upon them. The heat scorched their skin, and with only seconds remaining, Travis turned and stared into those stotic blue eyes he had grown to love and said his last four words.
"See you in hell."
Eric grinned and faced the fire, watching as it first burned the trees, then them.
Neither of them screamed.