Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today seems a bit slow. Guess what I'm eating for breakfast! Cereal? No. Pancakes? No. Eggs? No. Did someone say ramen? Then, yes. I know it's weird but its one of the foods I have an emotional attatchment to. I'm trying my best right now, even though it is 9:30 in the morning, to avoid any and all school work I have left. Its slowly dawning on me that school is but just 4 days away. Where did my summer go? It seems as though the months in the school year last soo much longer than those in the summer. But, one perk to going back to school is that the colder seasons soon follow. I honestly can't wait for winter to get here. The last one sucked and I was hoping that this year might be different. Starting this school year is going to seem soo wrong to me. I lost a few good friends that were seniors last year. Now I have about 3 left. But I will still try to make the most of my senior year. I was hoping, though, that I might have been able to con my sister into returning to NR. But, it seems she still wants to be on ecot. She doesn't understand how boring that will be to her. The only reason she did ecot in the first place was because she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend (who is now her ex). So, now that they are broken up (it was a really unhealthy relationship), I figured that she might come back. But I guess not. Isolation is not good on anyone. And this is coming from, if you know me, one of the most isolated people in the world. Well, enough moping on the past! I still have 4 days if I wish to convince her! At least my cousin will be coming with me, when she gets out of JDC that is. She will miss about a good half of the first week of school. I hope she has understanding teachers because she has quite the temper. She is honestly a good person but she just likes pushing people away. We share similar qualities regarding that but yet I still opened up to having at least a few aquaitances. Without them, I would have gone mad by now. Well, I need to get off now. My ramen's done. Don't suppose I like cold ramen. Well, until later! (:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today was quite adventerous. We broke a window. Of course it was all my sister's fault. She slammed me into the window. Luckily we managed to get rid of the evidence before my mother got home. She didn't seem too mad about it. We plan on taking my baby to the park soon. I haven't really explained much about him have I. Well, he's four. He is annoying at times but I love the little brat. I finally made a twitter today. I kinda wanna see how many minion...I mean, followers I can get. Well, I got to go and make this kid food. I'll be back on in a little when I can. Then you get to hear me compain about my school work again. Joy. Well, good day mate!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Okay! Here is the court day results!!! Drumroll please! And....all charges were dismissed! And even more exciting news is my schedule came today! I know what you are thinking. Why does this crazy person like school? Well, I'll tell you. Its a good comfort to me. My friends are there and they cheer me up, sometimes without even meaning to. I do miss them dearly. But, I get to see them in less than a week! So, back to my schedule. Here's the order: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Government, AP Calculus, AP Enrichment, AP English, and then Psyhcology. I am going to be BUSY. Don't call me a nerd. But, like I have said before, I like the busywork. This summer has been nothing but a dull reminder that school is coming back. It has been extremely boring, besides the moments of being in the back seat of a police car, and I much rather be at school. I wonder what this school year will bring. After all, I'll be a senior. And, you only get to graduate high school once so might as well make the most of it. Well, need to get studing for my AP Chemistry stuff. I've already done a good portion of The Princeton Review book. It's the test at the beginning of the year that I'm worried about. I have five bloody effin tests!!! My brain is going to fry! Oh well, I like a challenge. I kinda hope I don't fail. But I usually know my limits in that regard. I wouldn't have picked the classes if I didn't feel I could handle it. And I don't want to be like the seniors that slack off their last year. I want to be at least in the top 10% of my class. Maybe then I can make it into a good college. They may not take GPA but they do value class rank. That alone will be my sole motivation for this year. Well, I've got to go finish some school work and stuff before I have to go to bed. I have to babysit tomorrow and I feel bad that I can't make it to any of my teacher's study sessions. It might have actually helped me. Okay. Less sulking and more studying. Bye!!! (:

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'll explain whats happened in the past few months to keep people up-to-date with me and my life. But its more or less to vent. I've gotten in trouble a lot. I'm not proud of it but sometimes its the only way I can vent it seems. Blogging might keep me from therapy, which my dearest mother threatens so much. If you want my opinion, she needs it more than me. Recently, before school ended, we had gained custody of one of my cousins. Her situation was rather unfortunate but my sister and I were able to relate because we have similar backgrounds. Over the summer though, she has caused us nothing but trouble. Maybe it was this blasted heat wave that fried her brain or just the freedom of summer itself. But, she managed to land herself and my sister(and almost me but I am better at persuading people than them) in JDC. They were eventually released back into my mother's custody and gained some ground in working things out. That was until my cousin believed running away in Norwood would solve her problems. Well, learn this lesson people. Running doesn't solve problems but creates more. Now, she faces up to 90 days. Even more recently, I have been indulged in my studies. Yes, even though it is summer I still have about 5 reports to write. I don't mind though. The work keeps me out of trouble and busy. Lately, my teacher has stopped by. No, literally. She appeared right on my porch. To say I was shocked is an understatement to say the least. I'm more or less ashamed. You see, we live in this trashy trailor park. I won't even invite friends over if I can help it. Ginger is the exception every now and again. She only wants us for our food though. Just kidding. She loves me. But then my teacher shows up again. By now, I'm about to have a heart attack. And frankly, I feel guilty for not really talking to her much. I can't help it though. I have this terrible anxiety when I talk to people. I don't mind email but face to face is frightening. Well, school starts in a week. And you will hear more from me soon. I'll blog about the court date that is tomorrow. Until then, have a bloody good day mate!

It has been a while since I last updated. Mainly because I have three other blogger accounts that I have neglected. Lets see...I only did fanfiction on this one and the occassional poem. Now, I'll try to update as much as possible. It's going to be a busy year for me so bear with me. This year I'll be taking AP Chemisty, AP Biology, AP Government, AP English, and AP Calculus. Can you say torture? Its not that I dont love the work but I had to give up Troubs(choir) to take them. *Goes in the corner and cries* But dont worry! Now that I've figured out my password I'll vent on here more. Believe me, you'll get sick of me. I kind of like blogging. It's like talking to yourself....but without being locked up in an insane asylum for it. Well, until next time!
                                                                                                  Your VampiressJuliet,