Thursday, February 3, 2011

Evil Overlord Tips

#1: Absoluely no monologues, no matter how sure you are victory is at hand.
#2: You can't have too many minions
#3: Protect your candy and explosives
#4:Never tell your enemy your plan, even to brag.
#5: Always be sure to set an escape route.
#6: Never label the reverse switch on your death ray machine.
#7: Get a guard dog.
#8: Make sure your minions have the IQ higher than a squirell.
#9: Never wear tights.
#10: Don't forget to work on your evil laugh, it's just one of the basics.
#11: Never miss the chance to label anything "evil"
#12: Never, Never miss the golden opportunity to spin around in a chair and say "I've been expecting you."

When Angels Fall

What do you think happens when angels fall?
It was something I never knew,
Until I came across a fallen angel,
the angel that was you.
You changed my life,
wiped away my tears,
I hoped I would never lose you,
you were the key to curing my fears.
For days and nights on end,
I'd hoped you'd be mine,
so I could live in eternal happiness,
until the end of time.
It was something I wasn't sure of,
A silent fear inside my heart,
Something I was afraid to express,
then my world fell apart.
I made a wrong move,
a simple error in life,
now I find myself even more alone,
with even more trouble and strife.
I hate myself for ruining things,
It was not what I wanted at all,
So I'll sit in sleepless solitude,
waiting for the next time angels fall.

The Murders Of Love

The dark doesn't seem to leave
it's hard to believe
there's anything left for me here
if you can't be with me dear
don't bring me down
I'll hit the ground
my heart is empty, it's lost
but what was the cost
of every thought i've had of you
I still don't know what to do
if you're gone, and i'm still tied
well what if I say I tried
but in the end it wasn't enough
it's never enough
I told you I love you
I said I cared
but your hidden secrets,
you never shared.
Something is there for you to say
yet going by is another day
where silence is in the air
and you're still not there
but time is running out, it's fading fast
pretty soon I'll be in the past
I'm losing it, losing control
not only my heart, but my soul
The day will come and you'll be ready to say
but you'll be saying it in another way
for you'll visit the cementary in the dark,and sit alone
saying all your words to my headstone
cause it's too late now,you didn't see
but loving you has killed me.

Kagome comes to New Richmond High School

-Feudal Era-
"SIT BOY!" A raven hair girl marched out of the clearing.
'My name is Kagome Higurashi. My life changed when a giant centipede demon dragged me down my family's well.'
" I'll be back in a week!" I shouted at the raging hanyou still implanted into the ground. With that, I swung my legs over the lip of the well and jumped.
' The well that I was dragged into reacted to my priestess powers and sent me spiraling 500 years in the past. There I met Inuyasha pinned to a tree. Mistress Centipede chased after me to get the Jewel of Four Souls, which at the time I didn't know I had in my body. I accidentally broke the jewel into thousands of shards. That began our race against time to stop the evil Naraku from retrieving most of the jewel and allowing his wish to be granted. Along the way we met many powerful allies that helped us aid us in our fight with Naraku and his incarnations.'
Feeling the ground beneath my feet, I reached for the ladder and climbed. When I reached the top, I didn't see the warm heartful paintings and boxes of antiques stacked. I was in a dark room that reeked of mold. Panicked, I searched for an exit. When my hand reached the cold metal of a handle, I released a breath I didn't realize I'd been holding. Pulling the door open, warm autumn air rushed in. What a welcome it was! As my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, I chanced a look in my surroundings. I was behind, what looked like, a school. My guess proved correct when a loud dismissal bell rang. Teenagers poured out of the doors.  Hesitantly, I walked toward a group chatting enthusiastically. They glanced wearily at me, examining my school uniform.
" Where are you from? The 1960's?" A girl with dark hair and hazel nut eyes that hid behind the thick black frames of her glasses joked.
"Um, Tokyo. Where am I?" I murmured, glancing around nervously. I didn't sense any demonic auras near by but the girl's aura was off. Literally, I couldn't sense anything from her.
"New Richmond, Ohio. You're far from home aren't you? And you speak English fluently. I could have mistaken you for an average high schooler here if it wasn't for your accent." She smiled at me and extended her hand. " By the way, the name's Amber. What's yours?" I responded and she introduced her friends with her. " That's Rachael," she pointed to a orange haired girl on her right. Then to a long brown haired boy," Travis," and finally to the girl with short wavy black hair named Tiffany.
A man came up behind us and informed us that the bus would be leaving soon. Three broke off and headed to their buses, leaving me with Amber.
" Well, looks like I get to kidnap you and you can call your parents at my house." Amber grabbed my hand and yanked me onto a bus before I could object. Few people were on the bus when we got on. She explained that they still needed to pick up the middle schoolers and that it would be a good idea to sit with her. I agreed.
On the bus, there were about ten other kids. We moved to a seat near the back. She introduced the boy sitting the closest as Stick. When I gave her a weird look, she changed it to Bryan. Behind Bryan, was a boy that reminded me alot of Sesshoumaru. The only difference was that he had hard blue eyes and long wavy black hair. Only with my insistence did she introduce him. Eric was the boy's name, and from what I could tell be the way Amber looked at him, she liked him. Eric only spared me a glance and continued listening to his music. Behind Eric, was Brady who gave me a crooked grin and a wave. He bared an uncanny resemblance to my kit, Shippo. My heart tanged with homesickness. Shippo must be worried out of his mind wandering where I'm at.
Amber must have sensed something was off for she changed the subject and had me sit. The bus took off and stopped in front of the middle school. Children filed on until the bus was full. They dressed in clothes that were severely inappropriate for their age. The two that stood out the most,as grudgingly introduced by Amber, was Pam and Heather. In looks they were different. Heather had dark hair with blond streaks and Pam had blond hair. They both dressed in outfits that would have make Yura of the Hair blush. Amber stuck her foot out and tripped them. I couldn't help the smirk that appeared. They got up and cursed Amber. She's been nothing but kind to me and I will not let two girls harass her like that. I pushed my miko powers out and they relaxed. For the most part, the ride to Amber's house was uneventful. We got off the bus with Shane, a long haired blond,Eric, and Adam(Eric's brother).
Amber led me down many sets of houses. She stopped in front of a modest looking house. The paint was faded a little and the porch caved in but it had a nice aura around it. We walked inside and was greeted by two little ankle biters. They took a liking to me instantly. Whether it was because of my relaxed aura or the smell of my cat Buyo, I was thankful that they didn't attack.Sitting on the couch was Amber's little sister, Amanda. She was on the chubby side with brown hair and fiery blue eyes. She defiantly looked the part of a trouble maker. I took a seat in the chair across from her.
"Hey," I muttered, trying to keep my mind distracted so I wouldn't mope too much and become even more homesick. The well must have sent me here for a reason. I plan to find out why.
"Hi, and you are?" Amanda questioned while texting away on her phone. I introduced myself and that ended that conversation. Amber rejoined us and said I could stay the night. That was defiantly a relief. She grabbed her books and started on her homework. I couldn't help but let my mind wander back to the feudal era. My miko powers will provide all the protection I need for now but the gang will still be worried sick. I'm a little worried myself that I won't make it back. I don't even know what year it is. The calander on the wall read August 2011. At least I was in normal time frame. I made a call to my mom while she was doing her homework. Nobody answered so I hung up. Before long, night fell upon us. As I layed down, my mind sent out one last fleeting thought.
' I really hope the well will send me back soon.'
-Feudal Era-
"Inuyasha!" The name pierced the silence in the clearing as a little fox kit ran in. Inuyasha sat in the tree overlooking the well. "You can't stay here forever. We miss Kagome just as much as you do but you don't see us moping."
Kagome had been gone for longer than she promised. When Inuyasha went to her time to get her. There was no sign of her. Her mother said she hadn't been to the house and her scent was old. Kagome just up and disappeared. It was all his fault.
'Inuyasha stood near the Go-Shinboku with Kikyo. She had taken all the shards they collected and had given them to Naraku. Inuyasha couldn't help how he felt for her. He had promised his soul to Kikyo and intended to go to hell with her. He pulled her into a death grip hug and pulled her to his lips. That's when Kagome walked in. She ran and Inuyasha promised to see Kikyo again before following. Before he reached Kagome however, she sat him. Kagome ran until she hit a wall. Well, it felt like a wall. She glanced up to see the stocic face of Sesshoumaru. Instead of calling for Inuyasha, she leapt into his arms. With that embrace, Sesshoumaru tilted her chin up and kissed her. Kagome was shocked at first, but eventually melted to his touch. That was how Inuyasha found them.'
Inuyasha hopped out of the tree and followed Shippo to Kaede's. He only hoped Kagome would come back safe. And soon.
-New Richmond,2011-
Morning came and I went to school with Amber. We were in her third period, Chorus, now. It wasn't that bad. I sang and couldn't help thinking of Yuki and Ayume. They probably were told some wild excuse from Gramps. I did a regular scan with my aura. What I found made me almost leap in my seat. I sensed two demonic auras approaching quick. A barrier surrounded the students. The only problem was that it wasn't my barrier. Amber grinned at me as power equal to a miko's flared around her. Seeing as the students were safe, I searched for a weapon. The only thing found was a pencil. It would have to work. The doors of the auditorium flew open and in walked Bryan and Eric behind a tall man with flowing black hair. I knew his aura. He looked directly at me with those dark red eyes and grinned.
"Well, look what we have here. Nice to see you again, Kagome."  Naraku laughed, motioning Eric and Bryan to move forward. They moved out so that they were on opposite sides of the auditorium, allowing Naraku to stroll down the middle. He wore modern day jeans and a batman tee compared to his baboon outfit. He had his hair pulled back into a ponytail and wore half of the jewel as a choker.
" I can't say the same for you," I pushed miko power into the pencil and prepared myself. Two students moved in front of me, facing the boys walking down the side aisles. One I recognize from yesterday as Travis, the other I just met today known as Kortney. They seemed to know what they were doing so I didn't object. I'll just hold Naraku off. "Everyone besides those that can fight need to head out the back entrance." Most ran to safety but a few remained. I was left with Amber,Travis, Kortney, Rachael, and two others. The odds looked in our favor.
" Very brave of you, Kagome. But where is your beloved Inuyasha to your rescue this time?" He gloated, stopping just outside the barrier. I aimed the pencil at him, put a great amount of power into it, and threw. He just raised his eyebrow and threw up a shield. The pencil fell harmlessly to the floor. "Pathetic," he mocked breaking the barrier. That's when all hell broke loose.
Amber and Rachael stayed close by my side as Travis and Kortney broke into a run toward Naraku. They leapt off the chairs and glowed a bright silver. Reaching Naraku's barrier, two giant wolves bounced off. Snarling, they both attacked the barrier relentlessly. The other two wolves took on Eric and Bryan. The battle raged on, a clash of teeth and snarls. Bryan and Eric had become as fast as Sesshoumaru and had sharp fangs. Eric threw the wolf against the wall and it fell lifelessly to the floor. Then, he focused his attention on us. Rachael positioned her arms as if she was holding a sword. She ran from my side and attacked Eric with everything she had. Seeing as how the wolves with Naraku were having no luck, I tried for a distraction. Pulling Amber with me, we moved onto the stage.
"Hey, Naraku!" I shouted, pulling the second half of the jewel from underneath my shirt. I waved it tauntingly back and forth. "If you want it, come and get it!"
That succeeded in catching his attention. Naraku lowered his barrier and released his tentacles that lashed out at anything close enough. Perfect. The wolves sprang on him, ripping and tearing apart anything that they could latch onto. Naraku made a hand motion and jumped to the top of the stairs, followed by Eric and Bryan.
"Well, it was nice seeing you again but we have to leave." He turned and headed toward the doors. " Until next time," he raised his hand, waved, and then was gone.
Amber relaxed her barrier and headed toward the injured wolf. The other wolves were already reverting back to their human forms. All the wolves that were uninjured went to check on the students that escaped, leaving me , Amber, and the injured wolf alone.
"How good are your healing powers?" I asked, giving the wolf a quick look-over.It looked more like a shaggy dog than a wolf in my opinion. Before she gave me a response, the wolf reverted back to human form. She was a dark haired girl with torn clothing. But that's not what suprised me. She had markings on the side of her face and a cresent moon on her forehead. I turned to question Amber but she just shushed me and motioned to follow her. She lead me toward the back of the school and toward an old tool shed. I recongnized it as the place where I appeared. She pulled the door open and walked inside. Inside was the old Bone Eaters Well. I felt the pull of it's magic before I even touched it. I glanced back at Amber with confusion. All she did was shake her head and motion for me to jump into the well. I thanked her and jumped.
Magic swirled around me as I was yanked back in time. Feeling my feet meet dirt, I glanced up. There, the sky and fresh air welcomed me. I grabbed onto the vines and pulled myself up. Across the clearing, silver hair and sharp golden eyes . I may not be sure of myself in the present, but in the future I see great things. I glanced at Sesshoumaru knowingly and smirked. Oh the future will be interesting indeed. With that, I ran to the village, laughing all the way.