Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Murders Of Love

The dark doesn't seem to leave
it's hard to believe
there's anything left for me here
if you can't be with me dear
don't bring me down
I'll hit the ground
my heart is empty, it's lost
but what was the cost
of every thought i've had of you
I still don't know what to do
if you're gone, and i'm still tied
well what if I say I tried
but in the end it wasn't enough
it's never enough
I told you I love you
I said I cared
but your hidden secrets,
you never shared.
Something is there for you to say
yet going by is another day
where silence is in the air
and you're still not there
but time is running out, it's fading fast
pretty soon I'll be in the past
I'm losing it, losing control
not only my heart, but my soul
The day will come and you'll be ready to say
but you'll be saying it in another way
for you'll visit the cementary in the dark,and sit alone
saying all your words to my headstone
cause it's too late now,you didn't see
but loving you has killed me.